Since the introduction of the emissions regulations of 1993, all UK specification vehicles operate a fuel injection system that is controlled by an Electronic Control Unit (ECU). The ECU controls many sensors throughout your vehicle; including safety features like ABS braking systems, airbag and seat belt restraints and in later vehicles even the electronic windows and stereo systems. From time to time theses sensors, switches and control modules suffer faults.

Due to the complex electronic structure of these systems, the use of a computerised diagnostic scanner is required to locate the fault recorded within the ECU system. On some occasions you may see a lamp illuminated on the dashboard display, but this is not always the case and some vehicles use more complex systems. At Park Garage we are able to carry out diagnostic checks of all vehicles and retrieve information recorded such as fault codes to assist the relative repair needed.

This is our Air Conditioning service check list:

Diagnostic health checks.

we use all the latest synthetic oils and to manufacturers spec.

You are more than welcome to talk to the technician that is servicing or maintaining your vehicle.

All the latest diagnostic equipment and scanners including all the latest software updates.

we also are offering our 36 years of experience.

All manufacturers servicing schedule.

In addition to engine related issues; SRS, ABS, Air Con and other systems can be checked.

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The average family car may have as many as 20 microprocessors located around the vehicle. These processors are constantly monitoring, where necessary, and adjusting the operation of the vehicle while you’re driving. This is great; however in the past when you noticed high revving, spluttering etc. you rushed to the garage. Today, your on-board diagnostic system is constantly making adjustments so you don’t necessarily know you have a problem. With a regular diagnostic health check from Park Garage you can be sure that we will do our best to make sure you avoid costly bills before a crucial breakdown happens. Ask our fully qualified vehicle technicians for advice regarding the needs of your vehicle. For all your servicing Bournemouth needs, please contact Park Garage.

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