Air Conditioning

More than 90% of cars sold this year had air conditioning systems fitted as standard. The system cools the passenger cabin during warm weather and helps de-mist in winter by removing excess moisture in damp conditions.

Whilst the modern A/C system is both efficient and reliable, it requires periodical servicing and maintenance in order to maintain its performance and reliability. Almost all manufacturers now recommend an annual A/C service.

Many car owners do not appreciate that if an A/C system is not correctly maintained, there is a risk of system damage or total failure. Most A/C equipped vehicles use a common drive belt system to power the A/C compressor. If an A/C compressor seizes due to lack of maintenance the subsequent drive belt failure will stop the vehicle which could lead to a potential accident.

We will also take care of any environmental worries you may have as our service of A/C systems is efficient, economical and most importantly environmentally safe.

This is our Air Conditioning service check list:

Identify system contents with refrigeration analyzer.

Check condition of all hoses and wiring harnesses.

Vacuum system for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Recover all refrigeration from system.

Check compressor oil level.

Recharge with R13A refrigerant and oil.

Carry out pressure and temperature tests.

Remove and replace the filter unit.

Pressure test the system with dry nitrogen.

Leak test all components.

Update service records.

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Park Garage is fully equipped with the very latest A/C servicing equipment and our technicians are fully trained and qualified to ensure that you can be assured your car will get the best maintenance and service possible.

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